Community Day, June 17th 12-6pm

james talking to group.jpg

Come join us for an activity-packed Sunday, starting with an hour of Taichi from 12-1PM, followed by tours of his exhibit by James Chan himself in English and Chinese from 3-5PM. Amy Chin will be leading a Chinese-American geneology workshop at 5:00PM. Bring your friends and family!

"Where Are You Really From?" follows artist James Chan’s journey through his own genealogy research, as he learns more about his paternal family history. Beyond his grandparents, Chan never knew how he was related to family members he had met throughout his life. Family reunions were a foreign concept to him and the nearest relatives were thousands of miles way.

Using secondhand accounts, historical research, photos and unreliable personal memories, Chan takes the winding path to document his family’s history before it is lost forever. Along the way, he confronts key moments of reflection on personal identity and relationships. The discoveries, family stories, musings, and challenges encountered during the project are presented in a series of illustrations and paintings.