Cooking With Granny Storytelling Event: Grandma Mamie's Medicinal Chicken Soup


Cooking With Granny comes to Chinatown! Just as you start feeling the sniffles from seasonal changes, have a taste of Grandma Mamie Chinese Medicinal Chicken Soup, a recipe that has been in her family for generations. Grandma Mamie will talk about 补品 (traditional Chinese herbs) used in soups along with the cultural stories that bring this dish to life and puts the immigrant grandmother in her much-deserved spotlight. Grandma Mamie will show a few other herbal remedies relevant to the change in weather in autumn. Learn about Chinese concepts of food as medicine and connecting to our natural environment. 

Cooking with Granny is a video and event series where diverse immigrant grandmothers cook and tell stories. Events include their signature Cooking & Storytelling Sessions and Grandma Dinner Parties. They have been featured on the New York Times, NBC, and Food and Wine, among others. Italian Grandma Gerarda is taking the stage with an interactive gnocchi session in October!

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The Cactus Store is a shop and education center that specializes in rare and bizarre varieties of cactus and desert plants from around the world. The NYC location features a greenhouse and our new cold-hardy bamboo garden which is open to the public. Over the past few years, they have collaborated with different scientists, writers and artists to host a wide range of gatherings including poetry readings, listening parties, and small-scale performances. This year, they’ve collaborated with DLJ to open up 5 Essex Street to different minds and mediums through films, workshops and presentations in effort to provide a free, all-inclusive, alternative source for cultural and practical information connected to the natural world. Follow them @hotcactus_la