Think!Chinatown Summer Moon Benefit Party 2018

Thank you for joining us! Thank you for supporting us!

Here is a video recap of that wonderful evening spent together in June this year! 

For a night celebrating culture and community, we gathered artists and friends to enjoy music, drinks and delicious Chinatown eats.
Chinese dancer Ling Tang graced us with her beautiful dance performance, accompanied with music by the talented Zhou Yi and Yimin Miao from the musical group Ba Ban. We were also enchanted by the award-winning vocalist Vivi Hu as well as by Chien Chien Lu and Santiago Sebastian Chiriboga from the band little BUH. 

Thank you to Sheng Lin for creating this video, and a big thanks (and music credits) to Little BUH for the amazing performance. Much love to the other performers of the night: ViVi, Meemee Chin, Ling Tang & the Ba Ban Music Society. It couldn't have been done without the generosity of all our sponsors: Ming River Baijiu, Tsingtao Brewery, Hiro Sake, Alimama, Oriental Garden & Luv Tea. To the Think!Chinatown team of volunteers & love love!