Toisan-style joong/zongzi/粽子: Hands-on Workshop @ Essex St Market

zongzi cover eventbrite-01.jpg

Let's get together to celebrate the Dragonboat Festival at Essex St Market's beautiful new kitchen classroom! Chinatown Auntie, Cuijian Wu will teach us how to make both savory and sweet Toisan-style joong/zongzi/粽子, glutenous rice with various tasty goodies wrapped in bamboo leaves. We'll talk a little about the holiday itself and the rituals that are observed. You'll learn about the ingredients and all the steps to make your own joong/zongzi/粽子. There will be homemade joong/zongzi/粽子 in class for you to taste, and a bi-lingual ingredient list for you to take to our favorite Chinatown dried goods grocer and event sponsor, PoWingHong. Best of all, you will bring home joong/zongzi/粽子 you've wrapped to share with your loved ones (or eat them all yourself...that's fine).