From Farm to Canal Street: Book talk w/author Valerie Imbruce

farm canal-01.jpg

Mon, Sept 30th 6:30–8pm Bamboo Garden @5 Essex St

On the sidewalks of Manhattan's Chinatown, you can find street vendors and greengrocers selling bright red litchis in the summer and mustard greens and bok choy no matter the season. The neighborhood supplies more than two hundred distinct varieties of fruits and vegetables that find their way onto the tables of immigrants and other New Yorkers from many walks of life. Chinatown may seem to be a unique ethnic enclave, but it is by no means isolated. It has been shaped by free trade and by American immigration policies that characterize global economic integration. In From Farm to Canal Street, Valerie Imbruce tells the story of how Chinatown's food network operates amid—and against the grain of—the global trend to consolidate food production and distribution. Through a presentation led by Think!Chinatown, we’ll learn about Valerie’s research and discuss what it means for Chinatown’s future.

This event is produced & presented by Think!Chinatown. Thank you to DLJ for sponsoring this free event.

VALERIE IMBRUCE is a professor and director at the Office of Undergraduate Research Center at Binghamton University, SUNY. Her research led to the viral 2016 Wall Street Journal article “Why Fruits and Veggies Are So Crazy Cheap in Chinatown.”