Art of the Bing: Hands-on Kitchen Class

bing cover-01.jpg

As a culinary warm-up to this year’s Chinatown Arts Week, Think!Chinatown brings scallion pancakes to Essex Market. Together, we’ll go step-by-step to show you how to get all the layers into those chewy crispy 蔥油餅 cong you bing/ scallion pancakes. Then we'll reward ourselves with a tea tasting from Grand Tea & Imports while we chat about what’s up in Chinatown these days.

Chinatown Arts Week features grassroots arts groups alongside emerging Asian American artists. Highlights include, Opera Teahouse Night in the Bamboo Garden, Illustrated StoryCorps Listening Session at 21 Pell, and a panel discussion on The Art of Designing for Chinatown. All events are free to the public! ChAW 2019 is Oct 12-20th with a preview at Asia Society Oct 4th.