Hello Ideas Cities NOLA!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. I’ve highlighted some of recent projects here, but please feel free to click around the Think!Chinatown website (I’m highly involved with all T!C projects, so they are all reflective of my work).

I’m happy to chat anytime.

All the Best, Yin

Chinatown Arts Week

CHINATOWN ARTS WEEK, a festival presenting Chinatown grassroot culture in new contexts. Events included: a taichi workshop in a public plaza, a shadow puppet performance in a historic church, a get out the vote concert in a bamboo garden with a Fujianese Opera troop, tea tastings, a historic architecture scavenger hunt, and an Asian American poetry night which included translated works from the Tang dynasty.


HOWTOCHINATOWN.NYC is a tech project powered by an inter-generational volunteer corp to strengthen theunderstanding of Chinatown’s products, services, and cultural assets’ full value, and to empower all New Yorkers to deepen their relationship with our culturally rich neighborhood. 


Everyday Chinatown

EVERYDAY CHINATOWN, a storytelling project by and for the comm­unity. – There is a different vernacular in Chinatown. With this project, we explore the concept of “cultural translation” with self-representation. Through workshops at Chinatown senior centers, we record stories behind everyday objects in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

Yin’s Personal Portfolio

Follow my thoughts through my voyage around the world by sea, my work in the hutongs of Beijing, my travels in China’s wild west, and my graduate fieldwork in Istanbul.