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Our Story


One of Think!Chinatown's first projects was a multi-lingual workshop to ensure that Chinatown's voice was included in Create NYC, the city's first-ever citywide culture plan. Read more here.

Think!Chinatown was started by a group of neighbors who kept running into each other at community events while grappling with common questions, like: What's the role of art and culture in Chinatown and how do we preserve or promote it? Wouldn't it be nice if the seniors could still hang out in the park in the winter, or when it rains? What city projects are affecting Chinatown and do we have a say in them? How do little opera groups get funding if they can't fill out an English application form? Who can help them? Where do young Asian Americans go to learn about and participate in the "real" Chinatown? Who do we work with to make a super awesome food festival? What are our community organizations doing and how can we support their work? Who do we talk to?

So, we formed a team to begin answering these questions, and to build a community to DO something with our answers. Think!Chinatown is here to listen, to respond, and to build Chinatown's capacities as a strong & vibrant immigrant neighborhood of NYC.  Our mission is to attract & connect resources for Chinatown businesses and organizations using the tools of design & community engagement.


Who We Are

We are a group of community members -- residents, business owners, and neighborhood advocates -- working to ensure that Chinatown remains a vibrant place of intergenerational learning, cultural production, and civic engagement.

Our team brings expertise, resources, and passion from a wide range of fields: urban planning, design, tech, education, public health, small business, academia, cultural advocacy, nonprofit leadership, and community organizing.  

A core part of our approach is to invite others, especially people with personal connection to Chinatown, to join us in applying our ideas and talents to strengthen our neighborhood's economic and cultural resiliency. 


What We Do

Sinovision coverage of CreateNYC community input workshop hosted by Think!Chinatown

Sinovision coverage of CreateNYC community input workshop hosted by Think!Chinatown

community outreach & INPUT

There is not one Chinatown. We invest time and resources to overcome cultural and language barriers so that diverse segments of the Chinatown community have input to our projects.  

We believe in community building and empowerment through self-representative story telling.

We leverage our personal networks and work with local media to get information out to the community. We host and facilitate panel discussions, focus groups, and workshops. We bring experience and expertise to our design of bilingual workshop materials and we run multi-dialect community engagement workshops that reflect the demographics of Chinatown.


We are committed to connection and collaboration across generations, across disciplines, and even across interests. We launch projects that connect existing Chinatown organizations to resources from our neighborhood partners and from outside of the community. 


We invite you to join us in connecting past, present, and future to ensure a resilient Chinatown. We listen, plug-in, and build upon the work, struggles, and triumphs of those who have made Chinatown what it is today. We also bring new energy, ideas, and talents back to the neighborhood, to honor the heritage and sacrifices of our immigrant Chinatown community.


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