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Here are a few projects THINK!CHINATOWN has been working on. Let us know if you'd like to contribute or collaborate!

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Think!Chinatown is working on a project aimed at strengthening small business in Chinatown. Through interviews/workshopping with Chinatown businesses, we are working to identify needs and services that are lacking. Our aim is to empower small businesses to tell and share their story inside and outside of the community in a way that helps people learn about the neighborhood and feel empowered and inspired to come patronize local shops and businesses.

This project is supported by NYC Department of Small Business Services’s Neighborhood Challenge Innovation grant.



Think!Chinatown is leading a small series of workshops with a local community groups in Chinatown. The workshops will center around telling and recording stories related to objects you might find in the homes, public spaces, and business of Chinatown.

The series will culminate in displays in shops around Chinatown such as, Po Wing Hong, Chinatown Optical, and Pearl River Mart along with the Think!Chinatown community art space at 384 Broadway. People passing by will be able to call in with their phones to hear an audio story from a Chinatown senior about each object in Cantonese, Mandarin & English.




384 Broadway is a temporary art space presented by Think!Chinatown and chashama. With the mission to increase representation of Asian American artists and themes of concern to our community, this project seeks to test new ways galleries in Chinatown can better engage the neighborhood with cross-cultural and inter-generational practices.

This project is not a commercial endeavor and is largely run on the energy of community volunteers.

Exhibitions to date: Eating Bitterness (Luke Cheng and Simon Wu), The Inscrutable Chinese (Homer Shew), Between Here and Home (Alan Chin).

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Art Across Archives

What does yesterday’s art have to say about our
contemporary moment? Art Across Archives asks us
to rethink the archive as a space for play and a source
for new ideas in the community.

Featuring work by Ming Fay and the Epoxy Art Group, drawn
from the collections of the Asian American Arts Centre, the
Asia Art Archive in America, and selections by the Asia/Pacific/American Institute at NYU of materials from the Fales Library and Special Collections at NYU. This exhibition is made possible by the support of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC).

Curated by Stephanie Tung and Produced by Think!Chinatown

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