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Found in Translation

  • Gallery 456 456 Broadway New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

Found in Translation, a selection of paintings and drawings from Eleen Lin's current body of work exploring themes of cultural hybrids and diasporas, memory, sexuality, and the inadequacies of translations between cultures and eras.

Inspired by Herman Melville's Moby-Dick, and mistranslations in the Mandarin version of the novel, Lin's stunning and often playful imagery hooks the viewer, taking them into complex contemporary worlds a dream’s width away from our own.

The images within the works are developed over many iterations via the source texts' links to current social/political issues; processes involving free association, wordplay, and slang; research of whaling and whale-related mythologies; and Lin's personal experiences as an immigrant artist.

Lin works with a mix of acrylic and oil medium on canvas. After staining raw canvas with acrylic to create a watercolor and Chinese ink painting-like backdrop, clear gesso and layers of transparent and opaque oil paints are applied to break into the fluidity of the background, giving it a collage-like effect. This effect simulates experiences of a digital world where multiple representations and images exist simultaneously or in rapid succession. However, Lin also leaves parts of the canvas raw, providing the viewer with a tether to the physically of the painting, and echos of maritime aesthetics (specifically sailcloth).

These physical and imagistic layers allow the viewer to become an audience discovering narratives within the paintings instead of simply being a spectator - even if they are not familiar with Moby-Dick. For those audience members who are familiar with the novel, multilingual, or have other connections to an Asian culture, there are many additional depths to discover.

Open: Monday - Friday, 1 to 6pm. Saturday & Sunday by appointment only 212-431-9740

456畫廊很榮幸的展出藝術家林怡伶個展 Found譯。這是林怡伶近期一系列油畫跟繪畫的創作, 她的作品採用當代跨文化語境中的視覺符號,重新闡述美國經典文學作品白鯨記的故事內容,描繪了一種在不同的傳統之間漂流,孤獨遊牧般的經歷,並且挑戰了文化界線與當代環境的相關性。這些重構不只包含當代社會新的表象和意義,探索了不同文化和世代翻譯的不足之處,也表達了移民社群,記憶和性的思維。

經由Herman Melville Moby-Dick(白鯨記)的啟發,以及中文小說版翻譯的隔閡與限制,藝術家使用令人驚奇和趣味性十足的圖像抓住觀眾的目光,將他們的視角帶入多元化的當代繪畫世界,拓展了觀眾自我的想像空間。

作品中的圖像是連結當前社會與政治的問題,經由各種不同文本翻譯而創造出來的, 其中涉及自由聯想,文字遊戲,地方俚語,捕鯨以及鯨魚相關的神話傳說;加上藝術家本人身為移民藝術家的個人經歷的總合想法。

藝術家在畫布上巧妙使用了壓克力和油彩。首先使用壓克力暈染畫布,勾畫出水彩和中國水墨畫般的背景後。 應用透明和厚實的油彩,分離背景彩墨的流動性, 展現出拼貼般的效果,這種連續堆疊多重影像集合在電腦螢幕上的視覺印象,模擬了數位世界的體驗 。然而,藝術家也留下了部分粗棉畫布為呼應航海相關的連結-特別是帆布。

這一些真實與想像融合而成的影像,會讓不熟悉白鯨記故事情節的觀眾在觀看畫作中很快融入繪畫般敘述性的意涵而不僅僅只是一個旁觀者而已 。至於那些熟悉這本美國經典文學,有著多語言能力或與擁有亞洲文化背景的觀賞者來說,將會有身歷其境般深刻的啟示。


林怡伶出生於台灣台北市,在泰國求學成長, 2008年畢業於美國耶魯大學(Yale University School of Art)獲得油畫和版畫系藝術碩士, 2005年在倫敦大學斯萊德(Slade School of Fine Art)學院取得油畫系藝術學士。她的作品曾在各大美術館展出,包含紐約布朗克斯美術館 (2015); 紐約皇后美術館(2012); 中國廣東美術館 (2007); 韓國光州藝術美術館 (2007)。她也曾在多個國家辦過個展。展場包括維州Craddock-Terry藝廊 (2016); 肯州Doris Ulmann 藝廊 (2015); 紐約Garrison藝術中心 (2014)。 此外她的作品也曾多次在全世界多個畫廊巡迴展出,現今更有眾多美術館機構收藏她的作品。

林怡伶曾經獲得Elizabeth Canfield Hicks獎 ,並參加了NYFA移民藝術家計劃,Fountainhead residency住村計劃 , Racho Linda Vista 住村計劃 ,以及紐約布朗克斯美術館的AIM計劃。她也是常玉獎學金的獲獎者。